23 Feb GBPUSD Long

GBPUSD Long entry triggered.

Trade management areas indicated on the chart.

23 Feb GBPUSD long.png


23 Feb Update

Updates on the trade and 2 stalks, as well as  an update on some of the weekly watch list pairs:

USDCAD: Trade management areas remain the same as yesterday, still waiting for the 2nd long to trigger.

EURCAD & GBPUSD: Trade management areas remain as per yesterday, no trades at this stage.

EURGBP and EURUSD: Both consolidating at support. No trades.

AUSNZD: Reacting from resistance, watching price action. No trades.

22 Feb EURCAD Update

EURCAD reacting from support.



22 Feb GBPUSD Update

Another pair on the weekly watch list, GBPUSD, is now ready to make a move.

Trade management areas are shown on the chart below.



22 Feb USDCAD Trade Update

USDCAD long is still looking good.

Updated chart with trade management levels below. Another long entry area is shown, should you have missed yesterday’s long entry.

Red line = stop, green line = trade entry, orange lines indicate target areas.



21 Feb to 24 Feb Watch List

EURCAD Daily chart

EURCAD is at a good support area, as indicated by the blue rectangle. We are now keeping an eye on price action to see whether it sets up for a long trade.


GBPUSD Daily chart

GBPUSD has been quite choppy at this support area. Resistance is close above.

We are in wait and see mode on this pair.



AUDNZD Daily Chart

This pair is now approaching resistance  – we will wait and see what price action develops once the resistance area is pierced.



EURGBP Daily Chart

This pair is right on support. We are now waiting on further price action to show us the way.



21 Feb 2017 USDCAD Review

USDCAD is currently at a support zone, as indicated by the blue rectangle. Price action in the circle indicates that USDCAD is now ready to move upwards.

Long positions can now be taken. Trade Management updates will follow.